CU-Structural Soil Profile

CU-Structural Soil

What’s it made from?

CU-Soil is made from all natural materials and a hydrogel that is made up of soluble salts. Over a long period of time, the hydrogel becomes inert and becomes a minimum part of the soil system. CU-Structural Soil is used to bare urban loads while providing a space for trees to grow to their expected life cycle, trees grown in CU-Soil can use it to spread out their root system without causing the heave effect created by compacted soils.
Where it’s used?

CU-Structural Soil is shipped as a finished product and does not require additional materials or other soils to be shipped to function, it can be placed in a 5’- 8’ wide trench parallel to the curb however, there is no recommended length or with width requirements for the installation of CU-Soil as it was designed to bare heavy urban loads and accommodate any specified area or under an entire pavement, car park or side walks.
What are the requirements?

When planting a tree in CU-Structural Soil, two cubic feet of soil is needed for every square foot of a trees anticipated or projected crown growth at maturity while a minimum depth of 24” to 36” of CU-Soil is recommended as this will provide an ideal area for root growth while mitigating the heave effect. This is very cost effective and provides a wider choice for individual site requirements.
Does it have a water attenuation system?

CU-Structural Soil has efficient and cost effective water attenuation properties and can be utilised as a water reservoir when used in conjunction with an overflow pipe design. From a conservative estimation of CU structural soil with a total porosity of 30{13a24d8ada9ad6e7eb7180c665e20a102583a5069ea8b3dc645c2f78e41bc903} and a reservoir depth of 600mm – 900mm (20” to 36”) CU-Soil can mitigate 274 mm or 10.8” of rain over a 24 hour storm water rain event. And this is with a very simple and cost effective design!

CU-Structural Soil’s water reservoir capabilities are 100{13a24d8ada9ad6e7eb7180c665e20a102583a5069ea8b3dc645c2f78e41bc903} customisable, CU-Soil can be created to your particular rain water area requirements. This is accomplished by calculating CU-Soils required porosity level pre assembly and this can be adjusted accordingly. It is important to note that you can build a CU Soil reservoir with trees and depths of CU-Structural Soil less than 600mm will support and mitigate a storm event up to 140mm or 5.4” of rain in a 24 hours period, additionally, for larger tree species, a reservoir depth of 600mm to 900mm is optimum and as stated above can mitigate 274 mm or 10.8” of rain over a 24 hour storm water rain event.

In Conclusion:
According to Cornell University research, in order to mitigate any rain water storm event, exact rainfall data must be obtained from your local meteorological stations before constructing a storm water reservoir (of any kind), by undertaking this preliminary research, you will be fully equipped to understand what your unique requirements are and what your resource requirements will be. It is important to note this information as you can construct your water reservoir by the most cost effective way possible. And CU Soil has no space limitations and is fully customisable to your needs.

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