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These soils are our company’s original base products and we create mixes for many horticultural uses and can create mixes to suit individual customer requirements.

Our Specialist Soil Mix Products include:

  • Screened/Unscreened Topsoil

  • Sterilised Topsoil

  • Multi-Purpose – Root Zone mix

  • Vegetable Mixes

  • Lawn Mixes

  • Topdressing Mixes

  • Soil Improvers Mix

  • No Soil Veg Mixes

  • Bark mulch – Medium and fine grade mulches

  • Light Weight soil mixes.


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8.30am to 5.30pm

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Screened Top soil | Specialist Soil Mixes

Screened Top Soil

Sterilised Soil | Specialist Soil Mixes

Sterilised Soil

Root Zone | Specialist Soil MixesSpecialist Soil Mixes

Root Zone

Vegetable mix | Specialist Soil Mixes

Vegetable Mix

Light Weight Soil | Specialist Soil Mixes

Light Weight Soil

Potting soil | Specialist Soil Mixes

Potting Soil

Specialist Soil Mixes | CU Soil

CU Soil

Green Waste compost | Specialist Soil Mixes

Green Waste Compost

Topsoil free Veg mix | Specialist Soil Mixes

Topsoil Free Veg mix

Medium Grade Bark Mulch | Specialist Soil Mixes

Medium Grade Bark Mulch

Fine Grade Bark Mulch | Specialist Soil Mixes

Fine Grade Bark Mulch

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